At least 6 treatments per area is recommended for a 90-95% reduction in most cases. Please be aware that maintenance must be done yearly (2-3 sessions) due to fluctuations in hormones, thyroid and other medical  conditions that effect hair growth, not limited to but including vitamins that induce hair growth, should not be taken before or during periods where laser will be performed. 

Some areas on the body are reduced considerably by 6 treatments.

Other areas such as face, brazilian, back, chest, arms and legs, can be more concentrated with hair and therefore will need more than 6 treatments for a higher percentage of reduction.

There is no set definitive number of laser treatments, it is individual and a consultation can determine a closer approximate number of sessions. 

*****All Laser Treatments must have a consultation prior to service performed***

***You must fill out medical forms regarding medical conditions & medications you are taking or have taken in the last 6 months***Please allow at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled service****

Laser Hair Removal CANNOT be done on patients currently taking Accutane or Retinol 


Laser Hair Removal Prices 

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small areas

Lip-$50 per session

chin only -$50 per session 

side burns -$50 per session


Ears-$50 per session 

fingers or toes $50 per session

areola or stomach line-(women) $ 50 per session

Hands Or Feet Including Fingers And Toes-$50 Per Session


Underarms- $75 Per SessionMUnderarmsSessionedium areas

Underarms-$79 per session

full face- $99 per session 

full face and neck  - $149 per session 

neck only- $99 per session

full stomach-$99 per session 

hands or feet including fingers and toes-$99 per session

Bikini Line- (inner upper thigh and top of bikini only) $89


Large Areas

Betweenie-(everything in the genital area including inner buttocks

per session $149

Inner Buttocks only- $99 per session

Full Buttocks- $150 per session

Half arms-$125.00 per session

Full Arms-$149 per session 

Full legs(female)- $299 per session

Half Legs lower- (female) $149 per session

Half Legs Thigh- (Female) $179 Per Session

Full Legs male- $349 per session

Half Legs Lower- (Male) $179 per session

Half Legs Thigh- (Male) $349 per Session

Chest and stomach (men)-$149 per session

Back (men)-$199 per session

Back/neck/shoulders-$249 per session

Full body- $549 women $649 men



*Package rates are per session and cannot be combined with any other offer and are subject to change



Palomar Starlux 500
Lumines Lighsheer XC


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