I have all the tools to help you achieve your skincare goals! I understand it's all about having an experience with someone you can trust with your skin. I can address the various needs your skin may require.  Whether it's laser hair removal to reduce hair, IPL laser photo-facial to diminish fine lines, sun damage, pigmentation and pre-mature aging.  I can also fresh your skin with a customized facial or a chemical peel restoring the skin leaving it refreshed, soft and glowing! I have what you need and will make your skin the best it can be! 

At The Beauty Toolbox, YOUR skin IS my business! 


Hello and WELCOME!!!

My name is Nancy Six and I am a New York State licensed Esthetician and certified laser technician professional. My other professional certifications include; advanced chemical peels, reflexology and lymphatic drainage massage. With over six years experience in asthetic laser treatments and skincare experience, I have had a lifetime passion for skincare & aesthetics and specialize in helping my clients achieve their skincare goals.  Whether your goals are to educate yourself on how to care for your skin at home, a deep cleansing facial, a "Nuts & Bolts" bacial, or a custom full body "overhaul",  I will customize your treatments to suit your skin care needs and skin rejuvenation. I have perfected my treatment skills, by learning from industry leaders and now I have combined the most effective skincare protocols, products and aesthetic laser techniques that utilize both medical and spa procedures to restore your skin!!

I have always been fascinated with skin. As a teenager, I loved being in the sun and water, all day, every day. In my thirties I realized I had damaged my skin from a lack of sun protection because frankly, I just didn't know better back then. I didn't even know what SPF was in the 80's!  I tanned all summer, every summer, with butter and oil, at the beach, park and yes folks, even my roof.  Fast forward many years later and I ended up with photo damaged skin, hyperpigmentation and uneven skin texture and even moles. I have always searched for products to help my skin. Once I stared to work in the industry, I realized, I wasnt alone. Many people would come to me and literally say "HELP ME!". Anyone who knows me, knows, I most certainly did. I would only recommend the products and protocols I truly believe to be effective with continued usage or suggest a number of laser treatments that I knew would get my patient results, even if that number was higher than average. I pride myself in honesty and believe in what im doing is an important tool to share with everyone.

I'm so excited to bring my vision of the perfect skincare treatments, and the latest laser technology together and share them with you! 



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The Beauty Toolbox is commited to supporting our local economy as well as our national economy.  Our skincare products are made, manufactured and packaged with all natural ingredients in the USA!

We use Dermalogica skin products, Rhona Allison chemical peels and Badger SPF sun protection skin care. In addition to being made in America, they are all natural and have complied with all FDA regulations. They are available in the studio store, as well as on the Beauty Toolbox webpage. Click  "shop products" tab for details (coming soon!) 

The Beauty Toolbox "Team USA" discount

In support of our United States Military and Veterans, it is with great pleasure and appreciation for their service to our country, that The Beauty Toolbox offers discounted services for our servicemen and women. Just show us a Government ID or Veterans card and you will receive a "Team USA" discount 

It is our way of saying "THANK YOU!" for your sacrifice and service!